MAJOR! Tiwa Savage Receives Honorary Degree From University of Kent .

Tiwasavage is by Dr. Tiwatope Savage!

The award-winning singer was awarded an honorary doctorate yesterday from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. She received her Honorary Doctor of Musicology for her inspiration in her music and her international career.

Tiwa was one of the ten inspiring individuals who were awarded an honorary degree at the institutional congregation ceremonies at Canterbury and Rochester Cathedral.

Dr. Catherine Robinson of Kent described her list of achievements as “as long as prestigious.” She added, “Such an extraordinary achievement is worthy of evaluation.”

In her acceptance speech, Tiwasavage said. “I’m proud to receive this [honorary degree] With the honor of fellows in this wonderful university. “

Tiwa, who is also a graduate of Kent, sent the following message to the graduates at the ceremony.

Along with her speech, Dr. Tiwatope later sang an optimistic rendition by Sounds of Blackness, followed by a short rendition of “Optimistic” by Sounds of Blackness.

You can see Tiwa Savage’s fully accepted speech here..

Congratulations to Dr. Tiwa of AE!

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