Good vs. Remarkable

Peter here.

Seth Godin, one of my favorite writers, says that the opposite is not bad or mediocre, although it is noteworthy. This is very nice. And he gives an example.

If you travel airlines and they do everything right, you don’t tell anyone. Because that should happen. If it’s incredibly terrible, or if the service is unexpectedly good (one hour early! They got my ticket because I’m cute!), You need to share it If so, it’s worth noting.

As a fashion designer, this is the honest truth of my god.

If what you wear for an event doesn’t attract compliments or surprises to you, you’re wasting your money.

In my eyes, special occasion clothing falls into two categories. Cheap to cover naked. Or, it’s super high quality, powerfully unique and rocks your tongue.

“Wow! My goodness!” Or in some versions of that statement, everyone is officially wasting all the other time.

And how do you make sure they respect you exactly? By raising your look from very good to notable.

Let’s go ahead and give some examples

The gentleman is attending the wedding as a guest. He could wear a suit as seen to his left, or he could decorate a leather collar black tie with an imported fabric of glorious silk wool blend.

Which do you think is more likely to stop the guy on their truck?

King Sydney Upgrade

If you don’t want it to stand out, you can use a regular everyday African shirt. However, if you don’t want it to stand out too much for the particular event in question, you can use the right look instead.

A snug fabric nail jacket with a perfect blend of stunning buttons and a superhero fit.

Again, the person on the left looks perfectly fine. But if the idea is to blow them off completely (figuratively, of course), it doesn’t hold the candles remotely on the right look.

There are many examples of upgrades performed for doctors, lawyers, consultants, governors, etc …

However, this post is officially too long.


This is what you do. If you have an important engagement that needs to be dressed up right away, sign up for the mailing list first. Then, at Call / WhatsApp +254 721 599 478, arrange a personal style consultation in our space at the Current Triangle Mall on Karen Road.

The next time you step out, don’t run into the worst things that can happen to you and your clothes (no one says anything about it).

Cheers and God bless everyone.

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