12 Chic Tips on How to Rock Flared Skirts with Style

There is something for those who are not confident with the straight body type. I thought you were right. It is a flared skirt.

These skirts are great for hiding the shape of your body. But that’s not their best part.

It also adds volume to the lower body, giving the illusion of a curve.

If you are not in a straight shape, do you ask? What if I have an apple, pear, or hourglass body type?

Of course, you can also wear a flared skirt. In the case of a winding shape, it doesn’t just help you hide your figure from peeping. It can even admire you more as people keep guessing your silhouette and your curves permeate their eyes beyond the flare.

If you’re looking for a chic way to style flared skirts and create fashion statements, your answer is in this article.

Keep reading to see them.

How about flared skirts?

Some people call it Frey skirt ” While others call it “flare skirt.” If you are guilty of calling it either of both names, stop it already.Name is ‘flare skirt’ In words “Flare” Change the noun.

This is not an English class, so let’s take a look at other details about this skirt.

As the name implies, the skirt flares from the waistline at the bottom or at the ends of the legs instead of at the top.

Unlike pencil skirts, it doesn’t fit your body. And flared skirts are usually offered as different types of skirts. For example, maxi, midi, mini. It can also be pleated, gathered, layered, or just flared.

Whichever you choose, you can always enjoy the benefits of this type of skirt.

How to wear a flared skirt

Woman in flared skirt with accessories

1. Shake with a dress shirt

Woman wearing a green midi flared skirt and a white shirt

Button-down / up shirts and discreet work blouses always look great with flared skirts.

Woman wearing a white dress shirt in a red flared skirt

You can also push it in to create a business-casual atmosphere. This flared skirt costume idea is suitable for offices, churches, or luncheons. Works with knee length, midi and short skirts.

Pair with bodysuit

A woman wearing a midi flared skirt and a green bodysuit

Bodysuit It always suits your body. The puns aren’t intended, but those tops are really cool. The way they hug your body helps to assemble your contours. It can be sleeveless, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved. It depends on your personal style.

Woman wearing a short black flared skirt and pink bodysuit

In addition, it fits your body and is ideal for pairing with flared skirts. why? The skirt shines brilliantly just by sticking to your body.

3. Wear with a turtleneck top

Woman wearing a red flared skirt and a black turtleneck top

The turtleneck is a versatile top that will come in handy in any occasion. Together with the flared skirt.

Woman wearing a brown flared skirt and a black turtleneck top

You can choose to push it up or sit it down. Which is a great choice.

4. Pair with a camisole or tank top

Woman wearing a white mini flared skirt and a black tank top

If you love everything sleeveless, take this option. Camisoles and tank tops help show off your arms while rocking your flared skirt.

Woman wearing a long flared skirt and a white tank top

A woman wearing a black jacket that matches the flared skirt

If you are not good at wearing only tank tops and camisoles, try layering blazer, kimono, jacket, duster, cardigan, sweater and so on.

A woman wearing a sweater on a flared skirt

It can also be used on all types of tops and shirts.

6. Or wear a T-shirt

Woman wearing a white T-shirt with flared skirt and sneakers

The T-shirt can also be used for flared skirts. You can go for an oversized T-shirt or one of your size. Feel free to push them in to put on or wear blouses that way.

Woman wearing a white T-shirt and red flared skirt

7. Try a crop top

A woman wearing a flared skirt and a black crop top

This works with high-rise flared skirts. The skirt has a high waist that reaches the midriff, so it is perfect for tops.

Woman wearing a black flared skirt and a white crop top

However, this is not required. Feel free to combine a crop top with a low-rise flared skirt to show off your midriff.

8. Mix those prints

Woman wearing flared skirt and mixed print Ankara costume

Did you get a floral or ankara skirt? great. Together with polka dot tops.

Woman wearing flared skirt and mixed print outfit

Don’t look at me like that. Wearing a different print is a fashion rule that has been broken for a long time. So go ahead and use this tip for any print you want.

Or check out the style guide for how to mix different prints into your outfit.

9. Go to denim

A woman wearing a denim jacket that matches her flared skirt

This could be a denim skirt or jeans jacket / shirt combined with another top. Denim on Denim is a great combo you should try.

If the color of your denim skirt and shirt don’t match, feel free to change the color. For example, a blue denim skirt and a white denim shirt.

Woman wearing jeans flared skirt and black top

Aside from that, you can always combine a denim flared skirt with any of the above tops, whether denim or not.

10. Wear leggings underneath

A dark-hued woman wearing leggings under a polka-dotted flared skirt

Is the skirt too small for you, or do you want to give more DEET to stare when people look at your feet? Please wear leggings underneath.

Woman wearing leggings under a miniflare skirt

They add more detail to your look.

11. Flat or heel too

Woman wearing long flared skirt sneakers

Sneakers, sandals and ballerina flats work with this skirt. But if you want to be more confident, and that’s right for the occasion, choose the comfortable heel of your choice.

A woman wearing a flared skirt on her heels

Don’t know how to walk on your heels? no problem. There is a style guide on how to wear your heels comfortably.


Woman wearing flared skirt with knee high boots

You can’t just wear shoes by yourself. Please bring a hat and sunglasses. We also add belts, watches, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry to the mix.

Woman wearing a flared skirt in the sun

It’s there. Then use these tips to rock your flared skirt in style.

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