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(Mombasa, Kenya)

Olive bowl vintage African bowl with a lid carved from olive wood by a skilled Kenyan craftsman.The bowl is carefully hand-carved into a complex safari-inspired pattern

Our story
Tribal African Crafts (TAC) is an online business founded by young Kenyan couples, David and Rita, who love African art. Coincidentally, they both grew up in the town of Mombasa, famous for their finest sandy beaches and for their excellent craftsmanship in handmade products.

Love tail
Later, they met at a university in Kisumu, Kenya, and were drawn to love, supported by common interests. They soon realized that they shared a love for African art, and TAC was born a few years later.

Dream boldly
Our dream is to provide the world with the opportunity to experience rich and timeless African art and culture without traveling to Africa. We do this by selling lovingly handcrafted, unique, African-style contemporary home decor and stylish fashion at a fair price. Our wide range of authentic African crafts are created by talented Kenyan artisans. Through this platform, we were able to supply genuine handmade African crafts to countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany.

Grow together
We are passionate about empowering the African community and work with a team of skilled artisans. We guarantee that they will be fairly indemnified and treated with dignity and respect. We also take great care of the environment, which provides all the raw materials used to make amazing products. We are personally responsible for ensuring that materials are sourced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and recycled where possible. Purchasing TAC products not only improves the lives of African communities, creates jobs and supports families, but also strengthens Kenya’s handicraft industry.

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