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Soul Searcher

Ben Onuora



Ben Onuorah is an excellent artist (painting and drawing) and computer scientist. He received art education at Yaba Institute of Technology, Nigerian University, Nusca and Benin University, where he earned a National Diploma (ND) in General Arts, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Masters in Education and Applied Art. .. Each is the art of painting (MFA).

He launched the Osondu, Soul Searcher and Spirit of Africa series of dazzling artwork with stroke effects. The Osondu series is a collection of over 100 cultural heritage drawings. These drawings are characterized by symmetrical lines to depict various socio-cultural phenomena. His paintings are inspired by the philosophical ideologies of the rich wart African tribes, such as the designs of Uri and Nsibidi.

In most of his artwork, pattern lines are deliberately organized to captivate the artist himself and the viewer and instill different motivations. Also, among them are thin and thick lines to indicate permanent and concentric movements.

During each artistic creation process, the artist strives to ease the complexity of the human mind, strengthen the thinking process, and expand our imagination. Use ink, pens on paper, and acrylic paint on canvas to tell individual stories, without necessarily planning the outcomes that make sense for the story of your entire life or other culture.

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