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Happy New Year in April?

Nigerians say “everywhere bell face nafront”, so if you say Happy New Year in April, will it break down given this saying? It has been a whirlwind of activity since the beginning of this year. From events to shooting and taking over the kitchen as an executive chef (shhhh!) Lots of things are happening !!!!! Shall we capture from December?

Before I went to AWOL, I did some things as Afrolems at the end of last year. After “End Sars Saga”, I had some breakfast content that I shared on Instagram in October.

The photo does not justice the content work. So go to my Instagram page and Check here

Consultation project

black olives

I worked on several projects, but also shared the consultation. The first is the “Black Olive Restaurant Project”.that’s why black olives The team contacted and requested some new items to add to the menu. We deciphered the individuality of the brand, created a menu that matched it, trained the staff, and launched it.I also made a nice image with Anjora Awashika For the brand that really helped sell it! On the day of launch, the restaurant was very full shortly after a week of marketing, and I was happy to finish the project with great feedback from our clients. Below is a partial image of the brand.


Fast forward to another project I worked on, Ghost Kitchen. I promise it has nothing to do with ghosts lol. Ghost kitchens are also known as cloud kitchens. It’s premised on delivery-only service, but from a fully set up kitchen. I worked with a friend of an architect who loves soul food for a night crawler. But in a pandemic, it was a bit difficult to set this up in the format that was actually supposed, but we made it work.Business is called Peckish For those who felt like a light meal late at night when the business wasn’t really open. The menu was short, simple and soulful. Here are some images from the business.

Sandwich release

Are you still reading? You must really like my exploits! Oh, let’s continue. In December, there was an event in a magazine I contributed earlier that year, and I wanted to be a culinary curator for that event. In other words, we organized food and drinks according to the theme of the event. I was looking for juxtaposition in a social class, so the theme was Akara and champagne. You’re crazy, right? know! So I fried Akara and had them make bougie sandwiches and champagne. It was a very fun day.

The magazine was called Sandwich Magazine, and for the first time they explored a continental class culinary story on the theme of Scramble for Africa. The relationship between Madam and help through the culinary lens and the story itself.Can be purchased Copy here.

Sandwich Magazine was then launched digitally, with the majority of magazine contributors filming documentaries. It was a three-hour documentary organized by the African Center that explored many of the culinary conversations featured in the magazine. But in digital format. Here is the promotional video below.

Plantain series

I’m really longer than myself in the length of this post, but if you’ve been waiting for content from here for so long, you deserve this summary. You can ask someone to write it, but it defeats the purpose of my voice here. Oh, let’s continue. So earlier this year, I started asking about the direction of blogging and business in general and how to organize content. I saw the puff-puff series work so well that I decided to take another topic and dig deeper. My topic this year is plantain. To be honest, it was a topic for the month and quarter, but of all I do, I think it requires a year of deep diving.

So far, we’ve researched some recipes, some information about plantain farming, and some stakeholders in its ecosystem.You can check all that plantain content on my Instagram page @afrolems But for blogging purposes, I’ll post some images that will come as a recipe much later. I’ve tried everything from psyllium scotch eggs to psyllium skin stews, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. This may be the place where I sign off, as this blog may last forever. What interesting things have you been working on since the last talk here?

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