Bukola Arugba Praises Olu Jacobs For His Good Example Of Marriage.

Nollywood actress Bucola Awoemi, well known as Bucola Arguba, celebrated her 80th birthday with her husband and actor Damora Olatungi in honor of veteran actor Olu Jacobs. I cast a shadow.

Earlier this year, it was noted that Damora Olatungi was alleged to have had constant sex due to a role involving a young actress, which caused problems in his marriage.

In the meantime, it’s noted that the couple stopped following each other on Instagram and also removed their own photos from their page.

This new development is believed to have prompted Bucola Argba while praising Ol Jacobs, and Joke Silva is now his best in old age because of how well she treated her when she was young. I emphasized that I am taking care of.

She wrote:


“True love is revealed by action, not just words. Mummy J is one of the special women.

Grandpa Oljacob is clearly reaping the seeds he sowed on her. What you do to her at her young age is to prepare her for your future, her psychologically, mentally, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Moreover, the good and bad things you have done to her now are actually for yourself.

She will be what you entrust to her. Women who are psychologically and mentally exhausted are automatically emotionally separated, exhausted, and less productive. What productivity comes from “broken” Bukiwrites?

Happy Birthday Grandpa … She’s going to be her, you don’t reap what you didn’t sow, Grandpa. “

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