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Abu Baka Mansarai b 1970, tongo

Originally from Sierra Leone, this unique artist is a very unique designer and inventor.

Growing up in the war-torn Sierra Leone Abbacker Man Sarai I evacuated to self-study in mathematics, science, physics, and electronics using textbooks. Extending the creative side of his personality, he began to make wires and metals like many young men in front of him. Starting with toys and cars, he ended up building machines and mechanisms with a complex and complex futuristic look.

In 1998, Mansarai escaped the civil war in his home country and settled in the Netherlands. Here he turned to the creation of large, monumental drawings that shaped the fictional contradictions that produced fire, light, cold, wind, water, movement, and sound. ..

These drawings were performed with pencils, ballpoint pens, and colored crayons used to bring the drama’s flash pinpoint to these extraordinary artworks.

Standing in front of Mansarai is losing yourself in the imaginary world of big boots with flying machines, guns, warheads, complex mechanics, small figures, and thick tire treads. Each monumental story piece is like the opening scene of a descent to hell. He doesn’t seem to be able to escape his past and we’re drawn to it … whether you like it or not!

The work is often closely annotated and has been the focus of attention for some time.

His work is Africa remix 2004-7, African art now(Pigozzi Collection), 2005-6, Here in africa (Geneva), 2014 and The future of all the world(Venice Biennale), 2015 and so on.

Recently, I have participated in an exhibition in Germany called “Afrotech and the Future of Reinvention” with the aim of introducing Africa as a continent of technological innovation.

“Alien Ultimate (Bad Ass)” 2016.

The picture of Mansarai Preafrofuturism
And what can be included in this exhibition shows how much his incredible originality and imagination should be admired, and how far forward he was.

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