Dinner Experience: Moët & Chandon Hosts A Food Pairing At The Radisson Blu Hotel In Upperhill.

On Thursday, June 30th, Nairobi Moët & Chandon invited champagne lovers, friends and key partners to a special culinary pairing dinner at the Radisson Blu Hotel Upper Hill Chop House Restaurant.

The goal of this event was to provide guests with a sensory experience where they could learn about the delicacy and philosophy of Moët & Chandon’s champagne.

Alexandre Helaine, Market Manager for Moet Hennessy in East Africa, said at the event: Combine your expertise with a variety of artists to create memorable moments with the world’s most popular champagne. “

Throughout the night, guests enjoyed grilled black salt scallops paired with Moe Imperial Brut, Bresaola paired with Moe Imperial Brut, and duck paired with Moe Rose Imperial. Macaroons were served as a dessert with Moët & Chandon Imperial.

“This combination enhances the dining experience by enhancing the taste, texture and variety of dishes. We have evolved our inspiration with a focus on sharing success and charm with the world. , Continues to generate passion. Helaine has been added.

Moët & Chandon invites you to raise a glass and a toast to every memorable moment in your life!

About Moet & Chandon
Founded in 1743, Moët & Chandon is a Maison that helped introduce champagne to the world by offering a variety of unique wines on every occasion.

From the iconic Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial to the innovative Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial, from the iconic Moët & Chandon collection to the Grand Vintage collection, each champagne is dazzling with bright fruity, charming taste and elegant maturity. I just feel the joy.

Moët & Chandon is a champagne chosen to commemorate historic events and personally very important private moments since its inception. Moët & Chandon has a unique champagne style for each of the memorable moments of life.

Content provided by: Moët & Chandon, African Elite Group Ltd, NFH

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