African Décor and Crafts: How to Display Them at Home

* Sponsored Posts-There is no place like a house. For most people, the home is a resting place and a safe haven. You too can create a home that will be a sacred environment where all African dreams and stories can truly come to life. Today, most African crafts, ornaments and crafts are excellent ornaments. Whether you’re new to decorating with a cultural touch, these tips make it easy to create your own oasis. You will move to the cradle of mankind in time.

Create a feature or gallery wall

As the name implies, a feature or gallery wall is a blank wall in a space that can be used to feature decoration or art. In most cases, this wall tends to be the wall on which the TV is placed in most homes. It is also the opposite wall or an adjacent wall and can be the focal point of the eye as it enters the space. So play with wall prints, art, baskets, and all sorts of decorative elements. I recently created a gallery wall myself a while back. For me, in addition to the black and white prints, the hand-carved Senegalese mask was everything. Reflektion designI absolutely love it!

African decoration and crafts 2

As you can see, I have a piece of conversation around Senegal. I’m learning more about it too!I love it in the selected part from Reflektion Design online store, I can bring my African identity and personality to life where I live. This internal space is also reminiscent of animal wildlife. Do you know what animal I’m thinking of? Also note how the size and proportions are manipulated in this design. For example, you can place a huge framed work of art on the wall and combine it with other ornaments of various sizes, such as a small picture frame. The sofa itself has two sizes of pillows, which complement each other.

Use brightly colored pillow-like accents

Incorporate bright colors into the design of the entire house. Think again about the first photo of my living space above. Next, imagine a charred orange sunset across the wilderness of Africa and the emotions it evokes in your heart and mind. Pillows of my design do it for me! I hate to see good sofas dull, boring and naked! I usually like the furniture to be dark and calm, so I knew I had to use decorative pillows to bring it to life. Or maybe it’s different in that you have a brightly colored sofa, but that’s perfectly fine. Color on color is good for both your home and your soul. The bright colors are the perfect icing for all kinds of sofas and home interiors. The colors you choose don’t even have to match other designs. It can be a perfect color clash. As a perfect example of Afro Modern style, these fuchsia, black and yellow African print fabric pillowcases easily blend African patterns with stunning colors.

African decoration and crafts 5

Get sculptures on coffee tables and bookshelves

Is there a centerpiece in the middle of the living room? Bedside table or dresser in the bedroom? Perhaps an office bookshelf? The surface can be overlaid with a wooden sculpture with a prominent carving. There are many options to choose from, depending on which part of Africa you are trying to get the sculpture. When looking for art, you need to make sure it is original and authentic.according to Reflektion design, The image of this tree thinker “represents the mind at work.” It is a thought-stimulating work of art for the deep thinkers of your life, even if it is you. It reminds us of careful introspection, which often involves meaningful conversations shared with friends and other loved ones.

African decoration and crafts 3

Create a comfortable atmosphere by layering print throws and blankets

When it gets cold, the blanket gets warmer, and when it looks good, it gets better. Be creative and choose a blanket with prints and patterns as well as a single color. I would recommend a mud that works great as a throw on your sofa and has a lot to offer for its colors, patterns and textures. According to the detailed description of Reflektion Design, “Mud cloth, also known as Bambala, is first created with a hand-painted design using traditional methods that have been passed down for decades. The design is then hand-painted using natural ingredients. Next, the cloth is soaked in a specially prepared dye made of mud, dried and then often re-soaked. The process can take several weeks from start to finish. “

African decoration and crafts 4

Enhance your kitchen table with a basket as an accessory

Kitchen tables are places where people gather for meals, often followed by heartfelt conversations. Delight your guests with a variety of kitchen and table accessories such as fruit baskets. Hand-woven baskets in Rwanda and Uganda, or Volga baskets in Ghana, are functional and decorative works of art designed to brighten the home. These baskets also serve as market-style accessories for placing other types of fresh ingredients such as vegetables, onions and potatoes on the kitchen table. Alternatively, you can use the basket to hold spoons, napkins, coasters, and other items used to place the table at meal time. Overall, the basket comes in different colors and shapes for your use and convenience.

Which of these products would you like to see in your space?

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