Delicious Vegan African Cuisine.

    1 week ago

    Spicy Tomato Soup – The Canadian African

    This spicy tomato soup recipe is a great way to use up…
    3 weeks ago

    Tigernut Coffee Cake (Vegan Friendly)

    In this blog post, I share a super easy tigernut coffee cake…
    3 weeks ago

    Djansang Bread – The Canadian African

    This spicy jangsang recipe is the sourdough flavor you didn’t know you…
    3 weeks ago

    Tigernut Pudding (Atadwe Milk – Vegan)

    This blog post provides a very simple recipe for Atadwe Milk, a…
    August 27, 2022

    How to Cook Yam – The Canadian African

    This blog post is a comprehensive compilation of true West African yams, where to buy yams, how to cook yams,…
    August 24, 2022

    Jollof Rice Arancini – The Canadian African

    Jollof rice and some spices are combined to make arancini, Italian fried…
    August 21, 2022

    Vegan Cheese and Poppy Seed Bread Rolls

    Happy Saturday! i recently bought myself danish dough whisk After a friend recommended it. A tool designed to mix dough…
    August 19, 2022

    Vegetarian Peppered “Goat” – The Canadian African

    This vegetarian pepper goat is a delicious, spicy and easy-to-make meatless alternative…
    August 16, 2022

    Vegetarian Ademe Detsi – The Canadian African

    This vegetarian ademe detsi is a simple rendition of the popular sheep…
    August 12, 2022

    Peanut Butter and Banana Puff Puff

    puff puff A classic Nigerian snack. Sweet dough with yeast, fried until golden brown. It’s comfortable and addictive all at…

    Delicious Non-Vegan African Foods.

      Delicious Non-Vegan African Foods
      1 hour ago

      Honey Oat Bread – Simply Delicious

      Honey Oat Bread – Simply delicious We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you…
      Delicious Non-Vegan African Foods
      13 hours ago

      Pumpkin Cake – Immaculate Bites

      Author: Ima Release:September 30, 2022Has been updated:May 4, 2021 Pumpkin Cake – A warm, comforting, perfectly spiced cake topped with…
      Delicious Non-Vegan African Foods
      1 day ago

      Poulet Yassa – Senegalese Chicken Recipe

      Poulet yassa is a Senegalese dish of chicken marinated in garlic, lemon juice, Dijon mustard and spices. It is very…
        2 days ago

        Smothered Chicken – Immaculate Bites

        Smothered Chicken – Perfectly tender and juicy fried chicken, drenched in flavorful, creamy gravy, right off the stove, is the…
        2 days ago

        Berry cheesecake with almond crumble

        This berry cheesecake with almond crumble is an easy refrigerator dessert designed to accompany individual dishes. Great for making in…
        3 days ago

        Cheese-Stuffed Garlic Naan – Simply Delicious

        Simple and delicious cheese garlic naan We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you…

        African Fashion Trends.

          17 hours ago

          How the 50th edition of Concours d’Elegance in Kenya went down at the Ngong Racecourse

          The 2022 African Golden Concours d’Elegance closed on Sunday 25 September 2022 at Ngong Racecourse with Adrian Lowe declared the…
          2 days ago

          40 Gorgeous Butterfly Braids Every Black Girl Should Wear

          One of the characteristics of African braids is their versatility. Just when you think you’re tired of cornrows and box…
            3 days ago

            How to Organize Your Makeup Products

            Did you know that how you organize your makeup products can go a long way in storing and maintaining them?…
            3 days ago

            East African-inspired Luxury Streetwear Is Brought To “Fusion” By Mn Designers.

            Many regional designers will appear at the auto fashion show “Energy Gear x Ramadhan Designs Presents Fusion” that fuses the…
            4 days ago

            Gala Spotlights Black Creatives in Canada’s Fashion and Beauty Industry

            Diversity and inclusion in fashion and beauty are hot topics. While there appears to be a lack of representation and…

            Best in African Entertainment.

              6 hours ago

              Trevor Noah to Leave ‘The Daily Show’ After Seven Years

              Trevor Noah, South African satirist and host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, has left the show after seven years…
              18 hours ago

              James Mireku pays tribute to Rev. Ferdinand Martinson Larbi

              The son of legendary gospel musician Elder Akwasi Milek pays tribute to Martinson Larbi for his tireless contribution to the…
              1 day ago

              I Wanted To Start Music Schools Across Africa with Michael Jackson

              Akon, the stage name of Senegalese-American singer Ariaune Damara Badara Akon Thiam, claims he and Jackson planned to establish music…
              2 days ago

              Inkbot Debuts Teaser for ‘Palava’  

              Niyi Akinmolayan’s production company, Anthill Studios, has released the first teaser for the blockbuster Palava. The Nollywood film follows veteran…
              2 days ago


              Nutty Borax Legendary musician Natty Borax has corrected’s false story that someone paid Bora Ray to cut short his…

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